Curse spell? Scam!


candle-wishing-spell-326x245It never gets old! I wondered why a lot of people still fell into a trap of getting bad luck/curse spell from psychics.. Those are scams.  It’s when a supposed psychic tells you that you are either cursed or have a dark presence around you and tell you that you need to have a spell and purchase it from them? It’s a big No No.

They may even give you a vague reading to “prove” themselves and then go on to tell you that this curse is the reason why bad things have happened to you, and why you can’t seem to make any progress in your life no matter how hard you try.

At this point, you may start thinking to yourself:  I have had a string of bad luck lately.  Maybe this psychic is right!

This is exactly what they’re counting on.  They want you to feel insecure or frightened.  This is the “hook” they use to reel you in further.

The next thing they do is tell you that they can cure you of this negativity.   Of course, this requires a fee – and typically, it’s quite a hefty one.

They may also insist that you set up an appointment to see them again so they can  “make sure the curse is gone.”  At this point, it is common for them to tell you that things are worse than they originally thought and that they will need more money from you.  This is how they keep these psychic scams going.

I have heard of people losing hundreds to more than a hundred thousand dollars to these psychic scams.

Instead of taking a risk, you’d be better off calling a reputable psychic, such as the ones at PsychicOz, where you can get a $1.99/ minute reading.

Tips to Avoid Being Ripped-Off by Psychic Scams

8687658_f1024Of all the different psychic scams, this one is the easiest to spot.   Just pay attention for these key words or phrases… they’re all red flags:

  • Someone has put a bad luck curse on you
  • There is an ancestral curse on you
  • There is a curse on someone you love and something bad is going to happen to them.
  • There is a dark energy or evil spirit around you.

All of that is rubbish.  If you hear the words curse or spell,  it’s a scam.  And as far as the dark energy goes, this is extremely rare.  If there actually was something yucky around you, the reader could tell you how to get rid of it yourself by doing things like using white light, etc.  It would not cost you thousands of dollars in fees.

Another red flag is if a person approaches you on the street and starts giving you a reading.  You always want to be leery of someone approaching you, especially if they start spouting the nonsense we just talked about, or if they ask for money.

Apparently, I was cursed too…

One chilly fall day in 2001, I was driving home from a mediumship development class.  I passed by a little shop that had a sign in the window:  Psychic Readings $10.  I was feeling adventurous, so I stopped to check it out.

aid5382833-728px-put-a-curse-on-someone-step-10-version-2Oh, it was an adventure all right!  During my 10 minute “reading” I was told that I had a dark energy around me because I had been cursed.

Now this generous woman was going to clear my curse for free (you guys know I’m being sarcastic here, right?).  She made it clear that her time and prayers were absolutely free, but, the candles and other “tools” that she needed to use were going to cost me $160.  All I could think is, are the candles made of gold?

The best part was, I wouldn’t even need to be there while she worked her magic.  Nope, she was going to do all of this hard work in her office while I was at home lounging around in my bunny slippers.  All I needed to do was follow up in a week so that she could be certain the dark energy was gone.

Just so I could get the heck out of there I said, “I’ll think about it.”  And then I hopped in my car and put the pedal to the metal!  About a year later, that woman was out of business.  No more psychic scams for her.  Thank goodness!

True Lightworkers offer guidance from a place of love.  Even when discussing a topic that is serious or sensitive, you should not feel frightened.

If something feels funny, trust your gut!