Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic Abilities

Developing Your Psychic AbilitiesSometimes, you will meet people that have strong psychic abilities, but some people agree that having psychic abilities are inborn.  Some feel that psychic abilities are hidden, and they just need to come to the surface.

Types of Abilities

There are many abilities of being a psychic, some include being able to see into the future while others are able to talk to the spirit world.  Some psychics might even be able to see in the thoughts of other people or to see the auras of others as they walk around.

Precognition is when people are able to know what the future holds.  Sometimes, this is definite and they will be able to give detailed messages to people such as, “You will get on the cab and will see a dark-haired man walk by you,” for others, the messages are not as detailed such as, “something great will happen in your future.”

Intuition is when you are able to know things without someone telling you.  People that have this gift are great at reading Tarot cards and this is because they have skills to know what the cards stand for.  Sometimes, these people are also called clairsentience.

Clairvoyance is when you can see things that are not seen to the naked eye.  This is a skill used in remote viewing.  Clairvoyance people are sometimes credited with helping to find people that are lost or missing.

Empathy is when you can sense other people’s feelings and emotions before talking to them.  When someone has the gift of empathy, sometimes, they shield themselves, so they do not pick up negative energies.

A medium is a person that can speak to someone in the spirit world.  This gift can allow them to see or talk to others and get messages in the form of visions or dreams.  Sometimes, they can call on the spirit or channel it and the spirit will speak or write through the medium.

Ways to Develop Abilities

If everyone has the abilities to be a psychic, then you can exercise ways to increase these gifts and to understand self-awareness.  One of the best ways to do this is through meditation because it helps us to get into our subconscious self and everything that is there.


Even though getting clarity can be hard, it isn’t.  You can train yourself to notice everything that is going on around you.  Senses can change depending on the weather, shadows, the wind or someone that has come into the room.  Make sure to take notes of what you feel, and this can help you later when you want to figure out what a message means.


Try to listen to what people say and ask yourself what they really mean.  Pay attention to things that are said and not said.


A great way to build your skills is to meditate.  Allow your mind to go into your subconscious being and be open to messages coming in.


Make sure that you learn to trust what you are feeling.  If you have a gut feeling, trust it.  Pay attention to things that give you intuitive messages.

Write it Down

If you had a dream about someone or had a feeling about something, write it down.  Go back and read what you have written.  Sometimes we get messages and don’t realize it until we read it later.

Test It

If you have a feeling about something, confirm it and try to figure out if you are listening.  If you have a feeling a certain person is calling, answer it and see if you are right.  Doing this will help increase you innate abilities.


Practice your skills and try different methods of divination.  Find the one that you are best at and continue to practice that one.  All these things can help you be the best you can be.