Effective Psychic Tools Which Are Commonly Used


Psychics often uses different tools and methods to obtain information during a psychic reading. Tarot cards, astrology, runes, crystals, spirit guides, angels—the list is long and fascinating. Now, there are some psychics who don’t work with any of these; they simply use whatever psychic ability they have to log into the “energy Internet” and ask for the information they need.

Divination Tools

Intuition is a wonderful thing—we all have it, and most advisors have developed their intuition such that they have powerful psychic abilities they can trust. If a psychic uses a method to help focus or access their intuition, it doesn’t mean they aren’t as psychic as someone who doesn’t. 

The following is is a short list of divination tools and how they work:

  • Tarot cards: Probably the most well known and popular psychic tool, Tarot cards and other oracle decks contain images that the psychic has learned to work with and relate to their client’s questions. Images stimulate the subconscious and intuitive faculty, and they are favored by those who are clairvoyant and claircognizant. Readers may draw one card or many, sometimes using complex spreads to answer client questions. Animal cards and angel cards are popular variations on traditional Tarot cards.
  • Astrology: This ancient science is useful for personal development as well as foreseeing the timing and prediction of events. Practitioners of astrology learn copious amounts about the planets and the zodiac, and they typically specialize in a school or tradition. To interpret the data requires both knowledge and the art of intuitively blending the information that will be the most useful to the client. Many readers develop their own unique methods of working with astro-data and combine it with other types of reading.
  • Runes: This is the art of reading symbols derived from ancient Norse language and mythology. You can lay runes out in spreads or draw for questions just like Tarot cards.
  • Crystals: Crystals help psychics focus their attention so they can tap into their clairvoyant powers to see visions or answers to client questions. While different crystals have their own unique energetic properties, they doesn’t do anything themselves; the psychic is still doing the seeing.
  • Spirit Guides/Angels: Many psychics work with their spirit guide team—or yours—to obtain information from the energetic web. These beings interface with Divine wisdom and knowledge, and they have a perspective that is beyond human knowing. Angels also work with psychics in a similar way, and some psychics channel specific beings who impart wisdom for the collective.

The Energy Internet

Psychics who don’t use any type of tool are still accessing their intuition and higher self. Most have some type of ritual—however brief—to drop them into a receptive state to obtain information. Depending on what type of psychic ability they have, they will hear, feel, see, or know the answers or guidance that their clients need.  I like to use the metaphor of the Internet for my clients. Like the Internet, the energy psychics access exists everywhere and yet is nowhere specific, and anyone with the right tools can use it. And, like the Internet, there is a lot of irrelevant info out there! Psychics use their experience and guidance to determine what information is pertinent to a client or not.

Most psychics use a combination of both plain reading and tools, depending on the situation. Some clients prefer certain methods. I have clients who love Tarot cards but couldn’t care less about astrology. Others are very bonded to their spirit guide team and want me to channel those guides. Still others just like a basic reading, nothing fancy. I like using a variety of tools because then I get to play with all my psychic abilities, but I don’t get a better quality of information from one over the other.

Psychics will ask you for some information to help them better guide you and hone in on the information that is most relevant to you at the time. Don’t expect them to know everything about you just because they are psychic! Most psychics work as professionals in order to be of service and use their abilities for the highest good. To get the most out of a reading, prepare, be open, and trust.