Learning to Contact Your Spirit Guides

Learning to Contact Your Spirit Guides

Everyone has spirit guides and guardian angels that watch over them and some people have more than one. Your guides are there for different reasons and they will not really interact with you until you are willing to ask them to. Are you aware of your spirit guides around you?

Spirit Guides

Spirit guides come in many forms and they come from different places. Your guide could be someone from your past that has died, and it might be someone that you even recognize by the energy that you feel when they are around.

These guides can show up in your dreams and can talk to you with messages and symbols and lead you on your spiritual and physical path.

You might even have a spirit animal that is there to guide you and be your companion. This animal might make you feel good about yourself and teach you about unconditional love. Maybe you have an Ascended Master such as Buddha as your guide. Some people call other things their guide and they spend their whole life listening to these guides assist them and teach them different lessons.

These guides are there to teach you and to show you what you should do in your life. These can be religious figures such as monks or other spiritual people and can even be Native American or a shaman.

Some people will connect with natural guides such as faeries and gnomes and other planet spirits that are there to make them feel good.

People can feel that they have alien guides and these guides help them to learn more about the world and to help them to be more open minded.

If you need healing in your body, some guides can come to show you what kind of treatment that you should get to help you feel better in your body.

No matter what happens in your life, you can get information and help from your guides and they can help you through your life journey. They will be there to see you grow in your spiritual person and to show you what kind of decisions you should make.


The guardian angels that you have are there to teach you more about love and your spirit guides are there to help you know what your purpose in life is. If you are on the right track and you are reaching your goals, you can learn what your responsibility is and what kind of role you play in the universe.

These guides can help you to have meetings and help you to be in the right place at the right time. They can help you to find the right job and to work in places that bring you peace and joy.

Your path in life might give you opportunities to learn things such as being patient and helping others. You will learn to grow and be better.

Other souls are there to help you to be kind to people and help you to remember what your mission on the universe is. You never have to worry about your guides being close to you, they are there, and they will never leave you or desert you. They are excited for you on your journey.

Knowing They Are there

People are aware of their guides being close to them and they can sense them when they come close to them. If you feel bad about something and then all of a sudden, a calm rushes on you then you will feel your guides close to you. They will put their hands on your shoulders to comfort you and they will help you to figure out problems that you are having a hard time working through. They will give you guidance and direct you.

Your guides might come to you in dreams and tell you things that you need to be doing or answer questions that you have. They will be on your side when you are feeling bad and can help to bring you healing and peace in your body. When you want your guide by you, ask them to show up.

Your guide will be there to direct you and protect you and to help you stay healthy. The work that your guide is doing in your life is an energy work and they will be able to help you to cleanse your life and your body and to help you do the best things for you. They can help you to find the perfect job and even to find love.

Contacting Your Guides

When you want to talk to your guides, they are there for you and here are some ways you can contact them:

  • Ask them to come to you in a dream. Pay attention to what happens in your dream and what kinds of messages your guides give you. Respect them and love them and do not miss it when they come.
  • Meditate each day. Take time to relax and to clear your mind. Ask your guides to come to you and show you what you need to know. They will always show up when you ask.
  • Ask your guides to show you a sign. They can show you something such as send you a coin or a feather so that you know they are there. They can also make music play that you love or do something creative to show that they are there.
  • Some guides will use different ways to communicate such as through angel cards or numbers. When you want your guides to contact you, you can ask a psychic to help you call them.
  • Your guide will let you know when they are close, and they will make the hair on your arms stand up or they will give you butterflies in your stomach. The guides will be there to give you help and you will know when they are present.

When your guides come and you feel them, thank them for being there with you. You may see the lights in your house flicker on and off and this can be a sign that they are there for you and they want to connect with you.

How They Guide You

Your guides will show up when you ask them for help. They cannot help you unless you ask them because you have free will and they are not going to break that.

If you give your guides permission to show up, they will, and it is your role to invite them to you. You do not have to use fancy words or rituals; you just have to talk to them and ask them to come to you.

Always say thank you when they show up and help you because they want to feel loved just like you want to feel loved. Any sign that they give you can help your life and when you feel them close to you, thank them for being there. This can make your journey with your guides exciting and make you feel stronger in your spirit.

Sometimes your guides will not show up as big as other times and when they come and their action is strong, here are some things you might notice:

  • Overhearing good advice that works good for you.
  • Hear a song on the radio that stands out to you.
  • Pick a magazine up and find an article that helps you out.
  • Have a friend that shows up to help you.
  • Meeting up with an old co-worker that is there to lend you a hand.
  • Seeing something come on the television that gives you an answer you need.
  • Seeing a book on a shelf that brings you comfort.

Everyone has spirit guides and your guides are there to help you. Look around you and see what kind of signs that your guides are giving you and which ones work the best for you.