Negative Energy Cleansing in the Home

Negative Energy Cleansing in the Home

The outside world is chaotic, more now than ever before. With all the outside chaos, it is important to have a home that is a haven. One powerful, yet subtle form of self-care is to maintain positive energy at home. When this is done, it is easier to maintain personal positive energy which can positively affect those around you. Knowing this means we should work on banishing negative energy from the home to make room for positivity, but how is this done? The best place to start is to do a thorough house cleanse. This will involve physical work and a bit of metaphysical work as well.


As the current trend goes, if an item in the home does not spark joy, it is time to toss it out. Having too many things that you do not interact with or that there is no real attachment to is an energy drain on a space. Cleansing an area that is too cluttered is also a waste. The best time to start cleaning and cleansing is during a waning moon, especially four days before the full moon. If the items are useful, donate them to add up a bit of karma.

Physical Cleaning

Both the physical and energetic dirt can be broken down with a bit of cleaning. Open up the windows to get some fresh air, even just a bit and mix some sea salt and water to sprinkle around the perimeter of each room. Just a little salt goes a long way. To accelerate the process, light some white candles, but this is optional. The open windows give the negative energy a way out. Allow the saltwater to dry. For a bit of extra oomph, add a few drops of essential oil to the seawater, but test surfaces before sprinkling.


Feng Shui explains that the positioning of items can help or hinder the flow of energy. Start with the biggest items in an area and place them in commanding positions. This is the position in the room that is furthest away, but still visible to and from the door. These large items should never be right in front of the door, but the door should be visible. Empty spaces can also affect things. It is not great to have kitchen cabinets that do not extend to the ceiling, but if you do, this is a great place for greenery if it is dusted regularly. If left alone, it can allow stagnant energy to collect. Also consider all entrances and exits for a space. If door hinges squeak, oil them to keep the annoying sound from affecting your well-being. When entering or leaving, use the front door more often than a side or back door to keep the chi flowing well.

Healing Elements

If you have decluttered and moved things around, but the energy flow is still off, add a few cozy, energy lifting touches. Plants are a great way to do this. Plants bring nature indoors and act as energy filters. Some plants have special association like lavender for peace, rosemary for thought clarity, and jasmine for romance. If you are not blessed with a green thumb, look for low need house plants like succulents or spider plants that only need water once a month or so.

Crystals can also add some color and draw in the right type of energy to the home. Rose quartz by the bed keeps the romance going, while tourmaline and obsidian near doors and hallways soak up bad vibes and negative energy. Quartz that has flecks of tourmaline are great for uplifting activities in the home like yoga or meditation.

Always consider the space you want to create. If it is a small space for meditation, make sure it is cozy and you look forward to being there. Keep pillows and blankets nearby if needed and add meaningful items to the space that make you smile and bring peace. Make sure everything has a place and everything holds a positive energy.


There is no need to repaint, color splashes can accentuate a color’s energy vibration. Pick a color for the room that is the energy you want in that room. Some of the common associations with colors are shared below.

  • Red – concentration and consistency
  • Orange – Increased energy and confidence
  • Yellow – Spiritually uplifting
  • Green – Creativity
  • Blue – Soothing and peacefulness
  • Purple – Intuition and inspiration

Energetic Cleansing

Now that the physical space has been physically cleaned, smudges can clear the negative energy that remains. Sage is a popular choice for this, but make sure it is ethically grown and obtained. Lavender and sweetgrass can be added to sage bundles or used alone to create soothing energies. If sage is not your style, try incense or cones in the scent that sets the right tone. Rosemary and thyme are purifiers after an illness, frankincense is great when a relationship breaks down, sandalwood attracts prosperity, and myrrh promotes peace. If smoke is an issue, try a singing bowl to dispel heavy energy or an oil diffuser.

For the energetic cleansing, take the sage or other tool and start at the front door, walk in a counterclockwise direction room to room, and let the smoke, scent, or sound fill the air. Pay close attention to doors and windows, as well as corners where negative energy collects. Open the windows for negative energy to escape. Go through each room and repeat the words, “I cleanse and banish negative energy from this area.” After the whole house is done, return to the front door. While standing at the front door, say the words, “Negative energies are gone; only love lives here with healing.” As you banish one energy, always replace it with another when chanting.


Space cleansing is not a one-time thing. You need to do this from time to time to avoid negative energy build-up. It does not have to involve all steps, but at least the oils and chanting can help after a big fight or an unwanted visit. Also consider giving yourself an energetic cleanse regularly. Fill a bathtub with water and a small amount of sea salt and white vinegar, a few drops of your favorite oil, and soak as you visualize your aura being cleansed. When finished, rinse off and visualize all the negativity being washed away. Taking better care of yourself through simple self-care and caring for your space is empowering in a chaotic world.